This is How I Feel About....Thrift Stores. Link up!!

So, I'm gonna start a new thing. 

I'm going to tell you how I feel about things. I don't know if anyone will care, but I figured I'd share.  AND you should be super cool and share back with me how you feel about anything in my link up below!!

So today I'm going to tell you how I feel about....

Thrift Stores

I've got to confess.

I'm afraid of them. 

I feel like this is taboo for the crafty/deal seeking/bloggy world.  BUT I AM!!! Everyone always blogs about all their great thrifty finds and I'm so jealous. I don't have thrift skills. I have anti-skills. When I walk into a thrift store I feel a little vomit creep up in the back of my throat, that's how much anti-skill I have (ok maybe that only happened once...or twice...) Why am I so anti-thrift?? Here's why. 

1. Thrift stores stink. You can't deny it. It always smells like moth balls/grandmother/BO/all rolled into one. It hits me right as I enter the door and I cannot get passed the scent.

2. They are overwhelming. They are filled of rows and rows of used clothes and there may be some hidden gems in there, but there is so much searching through overalls, 80s garb and used underwear (seriously, WHO does that???) required to find them!

3. Thrift stores are always so messy. I don't like digging through things.
4. Whenever I'm in there, there is always someone who is like 500 pounds or has no teeth or is wearing something really funky and it makes me feel awkward...

 Something similar to these goodies found on - hysterical website by the way
And yes, that is a thong hanging out in the picture to the right. Yikes. 

5. I worry that the clothes I'm buying used to belong to a person similar to above, and that thought alone makes the vomit creep up the back of my throat a little faster...

So in general, I just can't deal. I know it's super cheap and great but I just don't think I'm cut out for it. But, you have all inspired me. I have actually recently asked boyfriend if he wanted to go thrifting with me. (Moral support/vomit control). We'll see how it goes...

So what about you? Have anything you'd like to share your feelings on? It doesn't have to be thrift stores (but it could :) ) Be cool and link up and I'll share some highlights from the post next Monday when I do another post. If you throw in my blog button in your post, I'd love you forever. But if not, I'll still love you for half of forever for just linking up. And that's not half bad if you ask me.

Have I Ever Mentioned I'm Super Excited to have Babies??

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So here's the thing. I'm only 20. But I really wish I could have babies like, tomorrow. 

I mean I don't reallyyyyy because of my current state, aka, not married, still in school, etc. But still. I wishhhhh I could.  I know I know I'm supposed to enjoy my youth and prime of my life yada yoo...and I am. But I'm enjoying it while being excited for BABIES someday. 

Before babies, obvi, comes pregnancy. In my mind right now I picture pregnancy as this 9 month magical, joyous, stars and rainbows and wishes, bliss-filled time of baby cooking. Even though I know its full of stretch marks and squished bladders and swollen feet I like to forget all those things and focus on my figurative idea of pregnancy. Extra heavy on the stars and rainbows and wishes. 

This Halloween I dressed up as a sugar momma. (Get it? Cause I have sugar around my neck and i'm preggers?? Give me a break. I didn't have much to work with) 

I learned that general mobility is difficult, but possible... 

I'm "dancing" if you couldn't tell
 ...that  the little baby shelf is very handy....

...that I should forget about ever seeing my feet again....

...and that I have NO FREAKING CLUE how pregnant people bend over. I mean I only had a pillow in there so it was bendy, and I was still have issues!!!

Haha, it was fun.  

Boyfriend doesn't want to have babies until he is 30, which is eight whole years from now!!!  *Cries* So far away.  

For now, I shall let my inner baby-lover express itself through spoiling my niece and oggling over all the bloggers who post pics of their adorable babies. 

That's right ladies. I stalk your blog for your baby pictures.

I know where my priorities lie.

My FIRST Giveaway and introducing Your Girlish Whims!

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Yippee! Happy Browsing :)

Paper Fan Banner Tutorial

Along with having a big space above my bed in my dorm (check out this post for pics), I also have one above my desk.  So, I decided to liven up my wall with a paper fan banner.

Here's how to make it!



Step 1: Take a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it in half.

Step 2: Fold each paper accordion style

Step 3: Fold each piece of paper in half at the middle

Step 4: Apply double-sided tape to one of the edges of folded paper, and stick the two together.

Step 5: Using a matching color thread, tie a not around the middle of the fan so it keeps its gathered look.

Step 6: Spread the fan out and tape the remaining side together.

Tada!  A cute little paper fan thing. I don't really know what they are called.

Step 7: Punch a hole through the back end of the fan and knot a piece of ribbon to it.

Step 8: Tie this ribbon onto another ribbon, and repeat for as many other paper fans you would like, varying their length hanging from the ribbon.

Recommendation: Tie the ribbons onto the base ribbon AFTER you have hung the base ribbon up (I just knotted it onto some command strip hooks) The ribbon will sag some and will change the length for your hanging ribbons. I still really need to shorten my last pink one so it is more symmetrical!

Best part about this project: it cost like $7 bucks to make. $5 bucks for the paper pad (and you get tons left over), $1 for ribbon, and $1 for tape. Not bad!

I'm linking this project up to all of these great link parties!  

PS. don't forget to check back later this weekend for my very first giveaway!!!! It's gonna be good :)

 Totally Tutorials Blog

Awkward and Awesome Thursday #6


  • In church this Sunday when the bible reader said "God is good" and I responded really loud with "all the time" but NO ONE ELSE did and then there was an awkward pause and then he just moved on.  Am I the only one who has been trained with "God is good...all the time...All the time...God is good."  It's called congregation participation folks.
  • Making a your mom joke to someone whose mom recently passed away. dangitdangitdangit.
  • The window into my harp practice room at school. People stop in the hallway sometimes and stare at me for an excessive about of time and i'm like....I can see you you know....
  • The male professor in my one class who always asks us how we are doing each morning.  This is how it went on Monday
    • Teacher: How are you doing today Rebecca?
    • Me: Bad
    • Teacher: Bad? Why's that?
    • Me: Because I dropped my bottle of perfume on the floor this morning and it broke and I watched $50 dollars evaporate into thin air...
    • Teacher: 50 dollars! what kind of perfume costs 50 dollars??
    • Me: Victoria Secret
    • Teacher:  errhh. oh. uh. ok. i didn't mean to pry...
      • hahaha. At least he didn't ask the name. "Desire by Victoria Secret." That would have been even more awkward.


  • Boyfriend got a job today! Yayyyyyy! 
  • I'm home for "spring break" (even though it's still winter?) I get to sleep in my own bed and see boyfriend everyyyyday
  • I hit 100 followers whoooohoooo
  • My SUPER COOL giveaway happening this weekend. Check back. Do it. Do it. 
  • Baby-sitting this little cutie-pie today:

This is my niece Miley. In the middle picture I told her to smile and say cheese. This is what she did instead lol.

What I Wore Wednesday #6

 Floral Cami: American Eagle. Sweater: JCPennies. Jeans: Delias.  Necklace: I made.

Let us all take a moment to grieve for these beautiful jeans....for they are now more.  I mentioned in this post how I fell and got a big hole in them! Sad :(

 Shirt: Forever 21. Jeans: Old Navy. Necklace: American Eagle. Flats: France

I totally have a pair of dark blue flats that would have matched way better, but while packing for college boyfriend made a big deal of how many shoes I was taken (I had a mesh drawstring laundry bag completely full of them...) so I left them behind for the sake of our argument. Bad decision. *cries* how I love to match...

Dress: Old Navy. Sweater: H&M. Belt: Rue 21. Heels: Payless

I bought this dress for 2 DOLLARS at Old Navy. It was already on clearance, with 40% off clearance, and then 50% off that because one of the straps on the liner was broke. I sewed it up in like 5 minutes.  Best. buy. everrrrrrr.

 I had fun dressing up :)

I never take Saturday pictures...whoops...

 Dress: American Eagle. Sweater: H&M. Necklace: H&M. Shoes: Payless

This dress was 7 bucks on clearance. Holllllaa. Sounds pretty steep after that 2 dollar one from Old Navy though!!

Shirt: H&M. Jeggings: Old Navy. Belt: Off some other shirt. Boots: Bandelinos. 

Shirt: Rue 21. Vest: Old Navy. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Bandelinos. Necklace: I made. 

Side note: Tomorrow after class I get to go homeeeee for a short break. 
On the agenda for break: Lots of snuggling with boyfriend, harp practicing, and getting ready for my first giveaway this weekend. Be. Excited.

I'm linking up to to What I Wore Wednesday here, Jewelscapes here,  No Model Lady here, and Momma Go Round here.

Cafeteria Creativity: Easy Rice Crispy Treats

I'm continuing on with my Cafeteria Creativity series (see my first post here).  Since eating in the same college cafeteria every day for every meal gets a little old after awhile i'm starting a new topic of blog posts on using the basic ingredients that the cafeteria provides and making something different with them to help out my college friends!

Todays food item is Easy Rice Crispy Treats!

-Rice Crispies (at the cereal)
-Marshmallows  (by the hot chocolate)
-Butter (by the bagels and toaster)

 Step 1: Gather all of your ingredients into a bowl

Step 2: Stick your bowl init in the microwave for approximately 27 seconds. Seriously. 30 is like 3 seconds to much. 

Watch and make sure that the marshmallows don't get too big and spill over!

Step 3: Mix it all up using two spoons.

And that's all there is to it!

These are my go-to dessert when school has nothing good out!

Versatile Blogger!

The lovely Jen from Life, Crafts and Whatever nominated me for another bloggy award.
Aw shucks Jen, you're just tooooo sweet :)

Here's how to play along:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award, and 
let the giver know you accept the award!

1. For Thanksgiving this year, I was in Spain.  So, instead instead of gathering with family over a home cooked meal full of turkey and mashed potatoes, I enjoyed some authentic Spanish Tapas and wine with three friends on my study abroad program.
haha, I had some tapas in my mouth for this picture...
so many tapas!!! yum!!!
2. My favorite band is Switchfoot. Anything that Jon Foreman does really.  He came to my college and I got to meet him.  This is how it went down:
Me- Jon Foreman! Hello, I'm Becca *handshake*

Jon- Hello!

Me- Can I ask you a question?
Jon- Sure
Me- are you married?
Jon- Yup *shows ring*
Me- That is really depressing. Can I at least get a picture?
Jon- *laughs* sure

What are you doing hair?? Ohhh Jon Foreman. Too bad he has the whole caveman look going on here. Oh well. I still like him.
3. I have a collection of bobble head turtles from when I was a tween. Don't really know what to do with them all now...
No, I don't have this many...but I do have a lot!!

4. One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited was in St. Nazaire, France this past semester. Cliffs, rocks, ocean, and the sun making the ocean sparkle so beautifully

5. I can make some balloon animals.  Dogs, giraffes, and mice. Mostly because they are all made the 
same...but have different proportions.

It's a very intense process...kind of...not really.
6. I used sun-in in my hair one summer, and now it's stayed like permanently blondish.  I'm ok with it.

Tan and Brunette... 

Tan/Sunburned and Blonde! And with a boyfriend haha.
7. I go to the gym a lot to try to keep this tush in shape.  

That's right...I exercise in style...haha. Not.
To play is who I pass it along to!!

Eh. 12 is close enough to 15. Haha. Have fun ladies!