Gray Felt Flower Necklace Tutorial

Say hello to my new favorite accessory. 

Why, hello there!

I've wanted to make a necklace with some kind of flowers on it for awhile, so I finally did. I got the inspiration and learned how to make the flowers from this great tutorial. Let's learn how to make my version :)

-One sheet of felt
-Plastic pearl beads
-Jump rings
-Crimp beads
-Wire cutters
-Needle nose pliers (or a crimper)
-Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut your felt into a 1.5 inch by 12 inch strip.  Fold the ends into an overlapping corner.

Step 2: Start twisting the felt around the corner into a circle

Step 3: Finnish forming you flower, and then sew it together so it keeps its shape

Step 4: Sew a few beads into the center of the flower

Step 5: Make two more flowers so you have three total

Step 6: Line your flowers up on the rest of your felt and hot glue them down

Step 6: Trim away the excess felt from the back of the flowers

Step 7: Cut out a matching piece of felt for the backs of the flowers

Step 8: Now to make it a necklace. I couldn't decide if I wanted to just use a chain or strand of beads, so I decided to use both!  String two strands of beads and crimp the ends (leaving a loop of wire) using a crimp bead and needle nose pliers or a crimper. Tape the other side for now so the beads don't come off.  

Step 9: Prepare your chain by cutting it into two pieces with wire cutters

Step 9: Place one end of your chain and strand of beads onto the back of your flowers, and hot glue them on, sandwiched between the flowers and the extra felt piece you cut out. 

Do this on both sides so you are left with the back looking like this:

Step 10: Finish the ends of your necklace.  Attach a clasp to your chain using a jump ring, and crimp your strand of beads onto that jump ring.  Do the same for the other side, but instead of using a clasp just attach another jump ring on. 

This is how you string the crimp: string the crimp bead onto your strand of beads, then the jump ring, and take your wire back over the jump ring and thread it through the crimp bead.

Then pull the wire tight, crimp the bead, trim the excess wire...

And then you're done! 

So pretty!!

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Awkward and Awesome Thursday #2


--Handicap bathroom stalls that have sinks in them.  You finish using the toilet, and then, oh hey! A sink! Great  I’ll use it. But then you exit the stall and everyone just watches you walk out of the bathroom without stopping  at the other sinks.  Do they know there is a sink in there? Do they know I just used it? I’M NOT BEING  GROSS I PROMISE!!
--        --Making eye contact with people at the gym.  Ohhh heyyy….yeah I was just staring at you using the triceps machine….and you caught me.  Sorry... My run is boring and your grunting was keeping me amused.
--        --Coed bathrooms. I went to use one at a restaurant in France, and there was a guy in the bathroom but he hadn’t locked the door!   So I got all embarrassed and ran all the way back up to the restaurant.  Except… I still had to pee really bad. So then I had to go all the way back…
-    --My ears. I think they are abnormally shaped. No earbuds ever fit in them…

    --When you wear leggings and a loose skirt, and so you can't feel if everything is laying right. Then, you come back from walking across campus and your roomate informs you that your skirt has ridden up by your coat and your bear-legginged-butt is hanging out. Great.
-   --Checking emails during class and opening up one from Victoria Secret or Aerie and having a huge picture of a girl in lingerie pop up onto my screen. Well hello boobs, welcome to my class…say hi to everyone staring at my screen…

           --Pandora.  Adding in variety and liking enough songs so basically everything it plays I love now.  J yay

           --Half-off clearance sales at Old Navy. SO MANY CUTE NEW CHEAP CLOTHES. !!

     --Finding out I’m all set to graduate a semester early from college.  Less than one year left!

           --Talking about engagement rings with boyfriend J
 --The fact that I was just typing and I randomly made a mailbox. See -> --- How does that even happen??        
         -- My ADORABLE new necklace I just made and am putting up a tutorial for tomorrow. So come back and check it out!

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What I Wore Wednesday #3

Hello my dear Bloggy Buddies :)

It's time for my third WIWW!

Here's my Thursday outfit: 

And I'm totally wearing a really cute headband I made from this cute tutorial. But you can't tell. So here's a pic from when I was modeling it before. 

Love it!!

Here's my Sunday outfit.

All through church I was a little self conscience that my dress wasn't covering my bum enough.  I mean, I had leggings on but I'm a firm believer of keeping those buns covered...

And this is just me being silly wearing my snuggie.  With some accessories.  I really love this thing. I mean, a blanket with sleeves, why didn't we think of this before?? 

Somedays when I'm doing homework at my desk with it on and have to go out I really just wish I could wear it in public. Ya know... just throw a belt over it and your good to go. 

Maybe except the fact that it doesn't have a back.  That DEFINITELY would not keep my buns covered...

You don't cuddle with your new clothes too?

So, today I took a trip to the outlets near my college to do some SHOPPING

Am I the only one who just likes to squeeze all my new great friends after a shopping trip? Spend a little quality time bonding with my new babes..... Ok. Maybe this is weird. I was just excited.

And got a little shopping high and wanted to share my purchases with someone. 

Can I say I LURVEEE Old Navy 50% of clearance deals? I got four of those sweaters for under $20 total.  

And I'm totally wearing that blue tank top (5 bucks on sale from American Eagle hollaaaa) and fuchsia sweater for my hot date with boyfriend in two weeks. 

And speaking of boyfriend...
Check out how hot we both look skyping (long distance sucks) in our huge headphones? I'm kinda small but I promise I look just as ridiculous.

Favorite quote from our convo (talking about engagement rings. EEEEHHH! ):

Me: But how will you know how to find a pretty one if I don't help?
Boyfriend: Do I not know what pretty is? I found you didn't I?


*giggles and squeals a little*

Necklace Holder Tutorial

I was inspired by this cute blog to make this tutorial for a board to hang up my necklaces that are too big to fit in my jewelry box. I tweaked a few things, and this is what I came up with.

Here's how to make it!


-quilting batting
-old shirt/fabric
-twist in hook screws
-hot glue gun


Step 1: I didn't have any wood on hand like the original tutorial, so I took some old cardboard, cut it into three equal squares, and then hot glued them together.

Step 2: Hot glue the batting around your cardboard.

Step 3: Cut up your old shirt or fabric and hot glue it to the back as well

Step 4: Hot glue some decorative ribbon onto the bottom edge of the necklace holder.

Step 5: To make the cute little flowers, cut about 12 inches of ribbon, and stitch a loose stitch along the end of the ribbon.

Step 6: Pull the string tight to form the flower, turn it over, and sew the two ends of the ribbon together.

Step 7:  Sew a pearl into the middle of the flower, and then hot glue one flower into each of the top corners of the necklace holder.

Step 8: Screw your hooks into the top of the necklace holder

And then you're done!

Hung right above my dresser, works perfect and is super cute!

 I want to make a more legit version using wood and a staple gun for after I'm married to hang in the entry way for keys and such.  Maybe a little less girly too, hehe :)

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