Awkward and Awesome Thursday #11


  • Trying to get my roommates to stop snoring without them knowing. I'm a light sleeper and can't fall asleep if people are snoring!! This is my latest technique: Snoring roommate.  I sit up in bed. Lean over my bed and whack roommate with pillow until snores are gone. Lay back in bed real fast and pretend to be asleep. Works like a charm so far.
  • Confusing my sayings.  Today I said "No such cigar" and was met with many confused glances.  Then I realized it was either "no such luck" or "close but no cigar." darn it.
  • Having a conversation with a cleavage/chest gawkwer  Hellooooo these are my eyes. On my face. I don't go around gawking at your belt buckle. Eyes. Eyes.  Eyesssss
  • Boys who open doors for me when I'm still like 30 steps behind them. I'm all for chivalry, but I really don't want you standing around waiting impatiently there for me as now have to run to the door. I actually do know how to open doors too thank you very much. 
  • Bathing suit shopping during class.  Should have realized this was a bad idea before the boy sitting next to me started gawking at my screen.  Little too many bikinis...
  • Sending people letters with Christmas stamps in March. If you want to stock up on stamps, DON'T do it in December.  I'm going to be using nutcraker stamps foreverrrrr.

  • The announcement I'm making tomorrow! Wheeeeee. Hint: Think link parties.
  • My giveaway for spring fling is Saturday!! Finally!!
  • I'm going to Ohio again for part of this weekend to hang out with friends.  I miss houses during college. They have these great things like couches and kitchens that is not found in my dorm room! They also do not kick boys out at midnight like my dormitory.
  • I was interviewed about my blog for the school newspaper!! coooool.
  • This comment I received  on my post yesterday: "You're so cute. I don't know if I wanna hug you or punch you." haha. made me laugh.
  • I got inducted into a honorary here yesterday! Fun fun. Also, on the handout they gave us, was this cool little text conversation between someone and their mom. Obviously, I had to reenact it with my mom. 

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What I Wore Wednesday #9

Shirt: H&M. Jeans: Old Navy. Flats: Aeropostale. Necklace: I made.

 I know everyone and their mother has made one of these necklaces. I wanted one too! I've seen some being sold for almost 40 bucks though, which is crazyyyyy. I made mine for about three bucks. Felt, little bit of chain, clasp, thread, hot glue, and I used a tshirt to make the rosettes that I got at the dollar store. That's it!

 Shirt: Mark. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Payless. Necklace: I made.

Necklace look familiar?? I did a tutorial on it that got featured on five blogs. I FEEL SO LOVED. :)

 Gauchos: JCPennies? Macy's? Somewhere like that. Shirt: Thrifted. Blazer: Kohls. Shoes: Old Navy. Necklace: I made.

Worst pic everrrrrr.I had to take it at night and just could not get it to come out right. BUT i wanted to show you I bought something from a consignment store this weekend!! (If you read this post, you know I'm not a big fan of thrift stores... ) I was so proud of myself. 


Sweater: Forever 21. Pants: Old Navy. Boots: Payless. Necklace: I made.

I think I'm going to nickname this sweater love handles central. Except, that's a lame nickname. But that's what it is.  It gives no hiding place for those

 Sweater: Old Navy. Cami: Costco. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: I made.

This necklace look familiar too?? I did a tutorial on it as well here.

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Spring Fling Day 10 and Giveaway at Lovely Little Rants

I had plans for a post today...and then college got in the way. Boo homework. I've got three big presentations coming up and lots of reading to do. Side Note: Anyone ever read Atlas Shrugged? I have to read all 1,163 pages of it for a class, but i'm actually really really loving it!! Just time consuming.

Todays Giveaways for Spring Fling are:

Loopy Bow from Ashley Creation

Glass Pendant Necklace + a surprise from Girl Boy Girl Inspired

Each giveaway is open for three days. Mine is this Saturday! So check back then.

And speaking of giveaways...I'm doing a giveaway over at Lovely Little Rants today for a ring from my etsy shop and a coupon code. Go check it out!

This is How I Feel About....People Who Don't Wear Pants

Dear People Who Don't Wear Pants:

-Leggings are not pants. If they were, they would be called pants. And they are not. Thus, do not wear them as pants.  

-If when you bend over in your spring dress/skirt I can see halfway up your uterus, you should probably wear pants.  Or leggings. Because leggings are ok when you wear them under short things. But, these short things must actually cover your butt.

Please don't force me to take anymore pictures of me with signs on my scarcely-legging-covered bum. Probably not the best thing to keep posting on the internet.

Pants are ok. They've been around for ages. Don't be afraid to embrace them. They just want to be your friend.  And save your tush. And reputation. Because who wants to be known as a No-Pants Pandy?? Not you. 

And that's how I feel about people who don't wear pants....

Best of March and Spring Fling

My Paper Fan Banner Tutorial is in the running for Best of March over at Saturday Mornings!

Here's a link to the tutorial:

Would you go vote for me? Pweasssss??? You can vote everyday until April 1st.  Click on the image below to vote!

Also, todays Spring Fling giveaways are:
Every Occasion Dress from A Jennuine Life
Bustle Back Spring Dress from Wildflowers and Whimsy

Each giveaway is open for three days. Go enter! My giveaway is April 2nd.

Sheet Music Roses Tutorial

My tutorial for this week is....

Sheet Music Paper Roses!

Here's what you need: 

-Sheet Music
-Silhouette (optional, or just scissors)
-Tea, kettle, flat pan
-Hot Glue
-Glass bottle
-Spray Paint
-Fabric & cord scraps

Step 1: Prepare your sheet music. I wanted my flowers to look more antique, so I dyed the sheet music using tea.  Pour some hot water onto tea bags in a flat pan and let them tea seep for a bit.

 Step 2: Soak your sheet music pages in the tea for a few minutes, and then take them out and let them dry. I laid them out on a cookie sheet while they dried.

Step 3: While the paper is drying, prepare your vase for the flowers. I just spray painted a glass snapple bottle. 

Step 4: After the sheet music has dried, load it into your silhouette and cut out the 3D paper rose shape.  Don't have a silhouette? You can just cut it out using scissors, the shape is not that difficult.

Step 5: Form the roses by rolling the paper cutout tightly around a pencil or pen. I added a dab of hot glue occasionally so they would keep their shape better.

Step 6: I made the stems for the flowers by twisting two pieces of green wire together, and then hot gluing it to the inside of the flower. 

Step 7: Add any decorative touches to the flower vase. I just hot-glued a scrap of fabric around it and tied a piece of twine on top.

Don't mind my crappy spray paint job. This was my first time spray painting. And it was windy. Do a better job for me, k??

Then stick your flowers in the vase, and you are good to go!!

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 Totally Tutorials Blog

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A dog. And Spring Fling.

Well, I made it home for the weekend. Boyfriend and I got to see each other and snuggle some today  before he had to go to work (boo). So, I came home to my house and now I'm snuggling with this little cutie. 

Hiiiii Baylie. Your so cuteeeeee Baylie. Stop peeing in the house Baylie so mom won't get rid of youuuuuuuu Baylie.

Anddddddd here are the Spring Fling Giveaways for the Day:

Cleaning Apron & Magic Erasers from
Nat Mac's Knick Knacks

Lady Beachy Keen Headband from

I'll get a tutorial up at some point this weekend.  For now, I'm off to do some computer work snuggled up in bed with that little fluff ball.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday #10

Today's Spring Fling Giveaways:

Lauren @ The Simple Sussie is giving away this Bloom Necklace:

Candace @ Sweet Nothings is giving away this Lovely Mustard Yellow Burlap Flower
Go check um out! My giveaway is April 2nd.


  • Going over to a professor's house (he had students over for dinner, etc) and watching a movie and it coming to a sex scene. And it was really over-the-top/corny passionate. And there were a lot of us watching it. And we were at my professors house. And it was weird. And it was really quiet.  And then I just burst out laughing.  Yeah. I looked mature.
  • The same professor playing this video clip in class.Once again: Awkward. Quiet. Me busting out laughing.  I should really get a handle on that.
  • Wearing shoes without socks and them squeaking as you walk, and it sounds like little farts.  fart. fart. fart. fart. there goes farting footed Becca...
  • Dripping water down my cleavage during class while drinking from my water bottle. Especially when its cold!!! I just want to reach my hand down and wipe it off, but that would be REALLY awkward so I just do an awkward hug-my-chest thing as the water dries... 
  • Trying to open the door into one of the buildings here with what I thought was my ID card to unlock it. Actually, my ID card was in my right hand and my left hand was frantically waving The Comedy of Errors in front of the sensor for two whole minutes while wondering why in the world the door would not open. Classy. 
  • My new addiction to the show Sister Wives. Enough Said.
  • Once AGAIN having a bathroom cleaner who never gives our suite enough toilet paper! I've been forced to enter the freshman communal bathrooms with my purse and smuggle out wads like this to keep us covered....these freshmen must think I'm really strange.  There goes the toilet paper hoarder again...
Why do you hate us so much bathroom cleaner? WE JUST WANT TOILET PAPER.
  • I'm going home again this weekend!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! After classes today and a five hour drive boyfriend and I will be back together for the weekend :) 
  • Only 48 more days until this semester is over and it's summahhhh.
  • Today I schedule classes for my last semester in college EVER next fall. Whoooo.
  • Cheese. It's so good.
  • When people use my tutorials and then blog about it. I get so excited!!! Check this one out at Simple Home Life. She used my Paper Fan Banner Tutorial. Looks great!!
  • Someone told me I had a cute nose this week. No one has ever told me that before. Well, except boyfriend. But that hardly counts. He thinks every part of me is cute. Even them love handles. And let me tell you: they aint. <3 you boyfriend :)
Yeah, it's cute. No big deal.

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What I Wore Wednesday #9

Before my normal post, today's giveaways are hosted by Joy @ Momma's Kinda Crafty who is giving away this interchangeable crochet flower headband 
And Jennifer @ My Mommy Can... is giving away this beautiful Spring Bouquet of hair accessories
Go enter! My giveaway is April 2nd :)

Now...What I Wore Wednesday!!

Shirt: Uh oh. I forget. Maybe Old Navy. Somewhere at the outlets by my school. Cami: Charolette Rousse. Jeans: Old Navy. Boots: France. Necklace: I made. Ring: I made.

Check out my cute ring! Just made it. I have another one up in my etsy shop in black and gold for only $6.50

Shirt: H&M. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: DSW. Earrings: I made.

I made these cute new earrings too.  Kinda hard to see, but I have another set for sale in my etsy shop for only $6.00!


Shirt: Forever 21. Sweater: H&M. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Roomies. Earrings: Forever 21. Necklace: Cloud 9.

Shirt: Heavenly Couture. Pants: Old Navy. Boots: Payless. Earrings: I made.

I love these earrings, because I wear a lot of gray (I really am not a boring person promise....) and they go with it all.  Yeah, I have a pair for sale in my etsy shop too :)

Sweater: Kohls. Skirt: Old Navy? I forget. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: I made.

One last jewelry item that I also have for sale in my etsy shop.  Prettttty necklace :) Find it for sale here


Shirt: Forever 21. Earrings: I made. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Clarks. Bangles: H&M and New York and Company.

Sweater: Old Navy. Jeans: Only Navy. Shoes: DSW. Headband: Ireland.

Yeah, I know my shoes clash with the pink of my shirt.  I was one fake ugg away from a pair though. Still don't know where that other boot went to....I think my closet ate it....

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